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Hi. I’m Regina Fierke. Welcome to our garden. I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Microbiology, but for now I’m just a mom and a gardener. I garden with my husband, our six-year-old daughter, her two older brothers (when they are forced to) two dogs, two cats, a bearded dragon and a small flock of chickens. I guess you could call us suburban homesteaders.

Recently, I have been asked by a lot of friends (and even some casual acquaintances) how I have made my garden, so I thought I would start this blog.

First off, I have to admit that I’m a lazy gardener. If there is a way to do something with less work (especially if it turns out to be environmentally beneficial) then that’s what I do. I’m also cheap. I prefer propagating and getting “pass-along plants” to spending a lot of money. I’ll share some of my cheapest and laziest tips and tricks as I go. And, of course, as an environmentalist, I try to go as organically as possible.

My second admission is that I don’t plan a whole lot and I don’t naturally have a green thumb. I don’t plant things that require meticulous and unending care. I’m constantly putting things in, moving them around or yanking them out. I have veggies and flowers (with a fair amount of weeds) all growing together. The garden is never “finished” but it is always a wonderful inspiration.

My third admission is that, even with as much as I garden, I have yet to make myself get out in the August heat to plant a fall garden. Fall is the very best season for gardens here in Texas, but it does take the dedication to brave the August heat and carve time away from back to school preparations to get it planted. Everything perks up in the fall and you usually don’t have the bug problems then that you have in the spring. I swear – this year will be the year.

Our garden has been the source of so many wonderful things to eat and make. We have grown our own sponges, giant platter sized sunflowers, birdhouse gourds and so much more. We have had so many wonderful birthday parties here including a garden tour party that featured a floral alphabet hunt and a cake decorated with flowers from our garden. We have built “sunflower houses” and taken a safari through our own backyard. We have also been certified as “Monarch Waystation number 741” by the organization Monarch Watch (

I hope you enjoy your visit.



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I can’t WAIT for school to start!

This is why I never get my garden planted in the fall.  Once they go to school, hopefully I will have time to myself to be able to get somethings done! — Weather When Posted –Temperature: 86°F;Humidity: 58%;Heat Index: 90°F;Wind Chill: 86°F;Pressure: 30.03 in.;


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A project almost complete…

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