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Elderberry Blossoms

Elderberry Blossoms

Elderberry Bush

Elderberry Bush

Who knew that the elderberry was such a pretty plant?  The bush is about 12 feet tall and has gorgeous blossoms on it.  It is actually considered to be an herb  with numerous superstitions surrounding it.

In the Middle Ages, legend says that the tree was home to witches, and that cutting down one would bring on the wrath of those living in the branches.

The Russians and the English believe that the trees ward off evil spirits and it was considered good luck to plant a tree near your home. Sicilians think that sticks of the wood can kill serpents and drive away thieves.

Egyptians discovered that applying its flowers improved the complexion and healed burns. Many early Indian tribes used it in teas and other beverages. The British frequently drank home made wine and cordials that was thought to prolong life and cure the common cold. – The Herbal Information Center

Our elderberry has just started blooming for this season.  In the fall, it will have tiny black berries where each little flower had been.

The reason we planted ours was not for the beauty or the berries.  Supposedly, elderberries produce a lot of humus in the soil and the area we planted it in needed all the help it could get.  It was hard packed clay there and would flood every spring.

The elderberry is also great for attracting all sorts of wildlife.   We have seen lots lizards and birds call it home.

I have never been able to figure out how to use the berries.  I need to make it a mission to find a good recipe for elderberries this year and give it a try.  But if we don’t eat them, the birds certainly will!