Miss Lilly and the Hollyhock Garden

Posted by on May 27, 2009 at 6:41 pm.
Miss Lilly and the Hollyhock Garden

Miss Lilly and the Hollyhock Garden

Samantha got this book for her birthday several years ago and it is still one of our favorites.  The pictures are all of hollyhock dolls.

The story was wonderful.  It was about a hollyhock doll that was blown away out of her garden and had the help of many friends to get back.  At the back of the book, was a not to send away to the author for hollyhock seeds.  We did and they are still growing in our garden year after year.

You can actually make your own hollyhock dolls.  Samantha and I have made many, but they are rather fragile and have not lasted until we could get the camera to take their picture.  We’ll have to go make more!

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