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Hollyhocks In A Row

Hollyhocks In A Row

Hollyhocks (Alcea) are perennials that have multiple flower buds on tall central stems (as much as 6 feet) .  They are gorgeous at the back of a border along a fence.  That is also a good place for them because aphids love to chew up the leaves.  You can stop that somewhat by spraying the plants with Garlic/Pepper tea but that might kill the Painted Lady caterpillars that like to munch the leaves also so I just live with ratty leaves and as many ladybugs as I can encourage into my garden.  Besides, it doesn’t seem to affect the flower production.

Hollyhocks are originally from Asia, but have basically traveled the world.  They do best in full sun most places, but need afternoon shade here in Texas – well, in my yard at least.  They are very drought tolerant and reseed readily.  The seedlings have long tap roots that make it difficult to transplant, but I have managed it with very small seedlings.

Hollyhocks also make great cut flowers.  They will last even longer if you singe the bottom of the stalk before putting them in water.

On quick fun fact… hollyhocks are edible.  The blooms can be filled with cream cheese, guacamole, hummus or anyother kind of filling you can think of – even sherbert or ice cream!

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