Mrs. B.R. Cant

Posted by on July 10, 2009 at 8:00 pm.
Mrs. B.R. Cant

Mrs. B.R. Cant

The Mrs. B.R. Cant is a tea rose that was introduced in England in 1901.  Can you imagine?  This rose has been handed down by cutting (asexual reproduction) for over 100 years!

Mrs. B.R. Cant has an ARS rating of 8.7, which is very good.  It is very disease and pest resistant.  It also seems to love the heat.

This rose blooms continuously.  It starts producing 3 inch blooms in the spring and continues until the first frost.  As far as foliage goes, it is pretty much an evergreen in my garden, as are most of my roses.  I just doesn’t stay cold enough long enough for them to go dormant.

Especially when the light is right, the petals look like they are dusted in silver.  They are not the most fragrant blooms, but they do have a nice moderate tea rose scent.

I got this one as a cutting from a friend and it has a permanent place in my garden.


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