April’s chores

Posted by on April 14, 2009 at 3:26 pm.

April is already half done and I don’t even have a working list of what I want to get done yet!  Aaaahhhhgggg!

Sylvester - Bantam Rooster

Sylvester - Bantam Rooster

OK… here is the list I KNOW needs to be done:

  • Sharpen all tools
  • Tune up the lawn mower (wish I could trade it in for a cordless electric)
  • Mow once a week
  • Clean and treat outdoor furniture
  • Prune storm damage out of trees
  • Prune last of roses (we will hope that it’s better late than never)
  • Clean and treat the pond weekly
  • Clean out the shed (again!)
  • Fertilize (go find free horse manure, clean out chicken coop and use, rabbit manure, etc.)
  • Get free tree shreddings (let sit for a month before putting on beds or buffer with cardboard)
  • Make new compost rings
  • Spray roses weekly with baking soda spray
  • Spray everything with compost tea
  • Wrap apple tree trunk
  • Remove forsythia and ornamental peppers (they are too big for their space now)

That should take me well into May and that doesn’t even include any planting!  I’m afraid I may forget to plant something until it is too late, so that is my next task – fine tune my planting list.


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