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I can’t wait to harvest my first tomato of the season!  The plants are looking great with plenty of buds.  The peppers are coming along too.  In fact, we have little seedlings coming up all over the place!

Here is what we have (so far):

Tomatoes:  volunteer grape tomatoes, Orange Oxheart, Old German, Beefsteak, Brandywine, Arkasas Traveler, Yellow Pear, and Husky Cherry.  I will put out more heirloom tomatoes as I can find them.

Peppers:  Anaheim, Pablano, Tam Jalepeno, Red Bell, Lilac Bell, and Green Sweet Bell.  Maybe more of those too?

Detroit Red Beets


Cucumber (burpless)

Green beens (not sure what kind… it was saved from an unmarked plant last year).

Okra (from seed saved last year)

Polk Salad (Always seems to volunteer itself in our yard)

Sugar Ann Peas (a LOT of them!)


Red potatoes

Asparagus (we finally got some this year!  Now it’s resting.)

Yellow Crook Neck Squash

Zuchinni: Black Beauty

1015 Onions

Watermelon: Sugar Baby

Strawberries (slowing down)

Apple: Arkansas Black Twig

Peaches: weeping

Blackberries (thornless)

Grapes: Red Reliance and some mystery grape that is NOT a Champanelle



Apricot: Moorepark

Lemon: Myer

I still want to pick up an eggplant, even though I can’t get John or the kids to eat it.  They are just such pretty plants.  What else am I missing?  What will I be so terribly disappointed that I didn’t get planted this year?


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