The Dallas Planting Manual

Posted by on April 30, 2009 at 10:43 am.

dallas-planting-manual This is another one of my favorite gardening books.  My copy has notes written in the margins, thing circled, starred and crossed out.  It was misplaced a couple of weeks ago and I almost panicked!

This book is so wonderfully specific for the DFW area.  It is an incredible resource for different organizations, associations and nurseries.  It has sections for just about anything that could possibly be grown in Texas from bogs and water gardens, rock gardens, containers, all the way to veggies.  It has a great monthly break down of what needs to be done when.  My only complaint is that that it does contain a few chemical solutions that I won’t use, but in spite of that, it does rely heavily on organics.

The copy I have is the Thirteenth Edition published in 1998.  It looks like the Fourteenth Edition was published in 2001.  I wonder what’s different and if I need a new copy?


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