Books that inspired a “garden party” birthday.

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Sunflower House

Sunflower House

“Sunflower House” by Eve Bunting is such a wonderful book!  It inspired us to build our own sunflower house.  Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of our sunflower house right now, but it was wonderful.  During my daughter’s birthday, we sat inside our sunflower house and read the story.

“Miss Lilly and the Hollyhock Garden” by Mary Martin was another wonderfully inspiring book.  We sent away for the hollyhock seeds as suggested in the book and our hollyhocks are still growing three years later!

“Sunflower Houses” by Sharon Lovejoy is still inspiring us to more wonderful and exciting adventures in our garden!

The recipe for her cake came from “Along the Garden Path.”  It was an Italian Rose Geranium Cream Cake made with rose geranium from our garden and decorated with our own edible flowers.  The kids all loved it!

And this was her invitation…

Roses, Daisies, Lilies Galore
Have you ever been to a garden party before?

You’re invited to this one and we hope you’ll come see.
Help us celebrate as Samantha turns three.

We will be in the garden from 2 until 4.
You will have fun in her garden and leave wanting more.

We will provide the sunscreen.
We will water the flowers to help them stay green.

Samantha is excited to see you all.
With you in her garden it will be a ball.

Samantha’s garden will be open on June 4.
Please RSVP the groundskeeper by June 1



  • You are so dear to mention my book Sunflower Houses, which I wrote in 1991. It has been in print for 18 wonderful years and I have received hundreds of photos of children (and some grown-ups) in the sunflower houses they’ve planted from my plans. Nothing makes me happier than to see smiling faces peering out from behind the walls of a sunflower playhouse filled with children. The original story was first told to me in 1985 and I eventually became good friends with the elderly lady I wrote about who had done the original sunflower houses in the 1920s and 30s. A joyful tradition passed on and on. Keep up your wonderful life.
    Blessings, Sharon Lovejoy

  • Regina says:

    I’m so glad you found my blog!

    We love ALL of your books. They have been such an inspiration to me and my (almost seven y.o.) daughter. She told me just the other day that she wants her upcoming birthday party to be in the garden again this year.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

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