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Strawberry Blossom

Strawberry Blossom

Strawberries increase each year by runner and the Dallas Planting Manual recommends eight plants for a good start.    They require rich, well drained soil, but too much nitrogen will make the berries too soft.  You also have to keep the berries from direct contact with the soil by using mulch.  I like straw that I collect from the neighbor’s discarded decoration in the fall, but pine needles are good too.

Our strawberries are just about finished producing, but they have been so wonderful this year.  I only wish we had more.  We will have to remember that for next year and buy more because eight is NOT enough.

I don’t even remember what kind these are, but we got them from Lantana Gardens and they are the most incredible strawberries.  The plants are big and gorgeous and the berries are so sweet!  My only complaint is that the pill bugs love them as much as we do.  In fact, the pill bugs have eaten entire plants in some spots leaving us a little short.

Before they are all gone, we will have to make another batch of Chilled Berry Soup!

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