Coral Honeysuckle

Posted by on May 11, 2009 at 11:31 am.
Coral Honeysuckle

Coral Honeysuckle

Coral Honeysuckle is a wonderful Texas native and the hummingbirds love it!  It is an evergreen vine and blooms from spring until fall.  It is also drought tolerant.

It should be planted in full sun.  I have one that is in partial shade and seems to be doing fine, but the side that gets more sun has more blooms.

I started mine from a cutting from another friend and boy did it take off!  I can’t remember, but I don’t think I even used rooting hormone on it.

The vines twine and tollerate pruning very well making it a wonderful choice for a small patio garden.  It will need some kind of support to start climbing on a fence.  I tied mine up with florist tape.

Samantha loves to stop and suck the nectar out of the flowers when ever she passes by.

This is one of my favorite plants.

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