What’s Blooming Today?

Posted by on June 26, 2009 at 11:47 pm.
Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea purpurea

It has been just too miserably hot (and busy) lately to get out in the garden.   And it’s beginning to show.  The plants are all starting too look as wilted as I feel whenever I step outside the door.  It is already too hot by 10am to really feel like I can get much done.  The new candle tree that I bought this week looks like it may be toast.  I got it re-potted and watered it las night, but I missed watering it this morning and that’s all it took.

What is loving the weather is the Texas Star Hibiscus which has started blooming like crazy now.  The purple cone flowers (echinacea) is also going strong.  There are orange cosmos everywhere.  And the sunflowers that didn’t get zapped by the tornado are still great.  The daylilies (at least the ones that have not been buried by the pomegranate that fell on them during the storm) are looking hardy.  And, oddly enough, the snap dragons still look great.  Go figure.

I don’t have a complete list this week.  It has just been too busy.  Who would have ever thought the summer would be so crazy?  That’s supposed to happen during the school year.

We have had multiple days with heat advisories now, but there is supposed to be a break in the weather coming up… Sunday?  It looks like we get to cool off all the way down to 97 degrees.  Yipee!

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  • Temperature: 87°F;
  • Humidity: 53%;
  • Heat Index: 90°F;
  • Wind Chill: 87°F;
  • Pressure: 29.82 in.;


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