Is Congress killing the organic farm? | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Posted by on July 17, 2009 at 1:52 pm.

Is Congress killing the organic farm? | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

In response to the recent food recalls that caused peanut butter, tomatoes, spinach and pistachios to be swept off grocery store shelves, a handful of food-safety bills are now circulating through Congress. Two of them, the Food Safety Modernization Act and Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act (H.R. 875 and H.R. 759, respectively), are causing particular consternation due to their broad language. Despite the bills’ best intentions, critics say regulators don’t understand farm operations and are drafting laws that place an unnecessary financial and bookkeeping burden on small-scale farmers.

If it is left up to corporations and industry, congress will kill organics. There is more profit to be had in chemical farming, which leads to medical/pharmaceutical profits.

Don’t let it happen.

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