In Grandmother’s Garden

Posted by on May 12, 2009 at 1:49 pm.

In Garndmother’s garden the hollyhocks

Row upon row lifted wreathed stalks

With bloom of purple, of pearly white,

Of close-frilled yellow, of crimson bright.

In Grandmother’s garden the roses red

Grew in a long, straight garden bed,

By yellow roses with small close leaves;

Any yuccas – we called them Adams and Eves!

Threaded with fringes of fairy weaves;

By marigolds in velvet browns,

And heart’s-ease in their splendid gowns;

Primrose, waiting the twilight hours.

Touch-me-nots, and gilliflowers.

Was it October, June or May?

Grandmother’s garden was always gay.

Samantha in Nana's Garden; Hannibal, MO

Samantha in Nana's Garden; Hannibal, MO

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